Brand Story
FLY UP BEAUTY COLOR is known as "the professional make-up for artists ". The FLY UP team was responsible for all kinds of cosmetic innovations. They developed excellent make-up techniques for movie special effects and fashionable looks. Created for the high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry, the HD advanced formula makes skin look flawless and feel moisturized on camera. Highly fine and delicate quality protects your skins and gives lightweight feel on your skins with excellent durability.

Besides, the characteristic of cosmetic product knowledge and application techniques to be used in not only worldwide make-up academy but the CF-and-TV media institutions, fashion show and artist makeup.
The core of FLY UP products are base on the highly effective formula from France LS laboratory and SEDERMA bioactive ingredients research center, yet combining the exclusive ingredients from those established manufacturers from Europe like STEARINERIE DUBOIS, BIOTECH MARINE, BASF, MERCK. We are using the quality ingredients and advanced technology from the global market to provide highest quality cosmetics to the consumer.
The safety consumption of our products are of utmost importance to our brand. Therefore, the whole series of HD products have all passed the SGS safety test. In addition, we have carefully selected GMP factories that comply with the EU standards for our packaging and re-filling, using certified French ECOCERT organic ingredients as the formula base. Our research and development process very safe and of high quality, providing our consumers a refined and technological experience to our products.
For the raw materials and the cosmetics used, FLY UP Cosmetics do not endorse, promote, require, lead or commission to animal tests or any other form of animal cruelty. We selects natural ingredients whose functionality, effectiveness and cosmetic properties can be assured by the scientific literature, without resorting to testing on animals.
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