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Professional Makeup Wholesale
Professional Makeup Wholesale
If you are running a wholesale and retail cosmetics business, then you should be familiar with the following questions:
  • Poor product quality and lack of features
  • The supplier is not responsible for any problems with the product
  • My customer was in a hurry to buy the product, but the delivery time was so long that I ended up losing the order
  • I already have beauty products but I want to add more to the line
  • I want to sell professional medical-grade skin care products in a clinic or pharmacy
If you've asked yourself any of these questions, you're welcome to work with us!
Medical-Grade Skincare Wholesale
Medical-Grade Skincare Wholesale
Flyup Cosmetics has specialized in wholesale medical-grade skincare and makeup products for over 20 years. Our products are recommended by dermatologists and professionals around the world. And we have proven its efficacy and safety through the verification process of the European CPNP.  Currently, we are looking for overseas distributors. You are welcome to cooperate with us to enrich your product line and become more competitive! 
Vitamin C Skincare Products
Vitamin C Skincare Products
Why work with us?
We are constantly introducing new products so you can meet customer needs

If you are a cosmetics wholesaler, you understand the importance of continuous product innovation. Customers' needs are constantly changing, and we introduce high-tech, high-effectiveness and high-safety products that are sure to enrich your product line and create more business opportunities.

A complete selection of skincare and makeup products, you can have a rich product line

If you choose a cosmetics supplier that can provide a complete product line of makeup, skin care, sunscreen, facial masks, etc., and can provide effective solutions for various skin types, you can open up more customers. We can also provide you with complete marketing materials.
ISO 22716 GMP standardized production, stable quality

Cooperation between wholesalers and suppliers requires long-term stable relationships. We found that the most important thing for wholesalers is quality. If the quality is not stable, wholesalers find it difficult to sell, it is even more difficult to explain to customers, which leads to customer returns.

Inventory available, low MOQ, lower order cost

For wholesale importers, it is important to know if the supplier has inventory or offers small order service. Because you will not have to worry about high order quantity and high order cost, and you can order more easily.  We have products in stock and can ship quickly, you can also reduce order costs and test the market by ordering a variety of products in low quantities

Experienced in cosmetics exporting, 100% professional service

Since 2004, our cosmetics have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries. Our sales staff are familiar with all export procedures and can provide you with professional service.
Wholesale Makeup Products
foundation primer, makeup base, liquid foundation, cream foundation, cushion foundation, concealer, compact powder, loose powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, blusher, etc.
Wholesale Skin Care Products
Cosmetics Wholesale Process
1. Register

Contact us to get the catalog and wholesale prices available in your country.

2. Order

Send us what you'd like and we'll check that everything is in order!

3. Confirm

We verify the order and send you the invoice.

4. Payment

We receive your payment by wire transfer (T/T), credit card, PayPal or Western Union.

5. Shipment

Your order is packed and shipped within 24-72hrs.
Dermatologist Recommended
Dermatologist Recommended
Why choose Flyup Cosmetics?

Flyup is a beauty brand specializing in wholesale medical-grade makeup and skincare products to pharmacies, clinics and salons around the world. 

  • “Quality is our culture” Our main ingredients are imported from FRANCE, GERMANY and SWISS. We also have the ISO22716 GMP certificated. 
  • “Time is gold” for you and for us , we can provide quality services and free marketing materials.
  • “Low MOQ” We have ready stock and provide first trial order with no minimum quantity.  
We are looking for agents and distributors. Whether you are a small business starting up, or a company looking for a new supplier. Contact us today to get started!
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We are looking for reliable agents and distributors all over the world. Whether you're a small business starting up, or a company looking for a new supplier. Contact us today to get started!